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We are responsive to our customers’ needs and engage in effective and timely communication with both our staff, customers and other stakeholders so that you are not kept in the dark at all times.


Our facilities/locations provide a welcoming ambience and a culture of simplicity and availability of our services to all and sundry. We are receptive and operate an open door policy.


We continuously review our processes, and research global best practices. Hence, we develop and deploy innovative solutions that result in service quality improvement and low cost.


Continuous learning
The strength of our work-force and the depth of our combined knowledge are very critical to our success. Therefore, we train and retrain our staff to be up to date in the use of latest technology and process to deliver the best results.








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We give 10% discount for every new customer introduced by you.


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We offer pick up and delivery service to our customers.



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Welcome to Gorgeous Drycleaner Limited website. Feel free to contact us on  08075520171, 07029210362, 08136351905 or 01-7619610.

You can also send us an email at