Laundry is the process of using water, detergent and other special additives in cleaning clothes. The clothes will normally be pre-inspected, classified and registered as in the dry cleaning. They are then sorted by colour (white, bright, dark), level of spoilage, new items or items not yet worn for effective cleaning. We also separate clothes that can produce lint e.g. towels, flannel, sweatshirts from others that attract lint like Velvets, corduroy etc. Items are tested for bleeding and spotted before loading into the washing machine. Post spotting can also be done where necessary. Appropriate portion of detergent is added into the fabric dispenser before washing. We also use fabric softener and other additives if so desired. Flushing is done on items that are delicate or the items can bleed, in which case, the cycle time is usually shorter than items that go full cycle. Instructions on care labels are noted during our laundry process in addition to our experience on the job.


At Gorgeous drycleaners, we use a first class, A-rated washer for our laundry.  We use light, heavy starch or no starch at all depending on the preference of our customers. Items are put back into the washer for proper spinning after starching. We select the appropriate drying temperature in accordance to the care labels and also monitor the drying process for effective drying.









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